Rara Avis

It’s the Metallica, isn’t it?
It’s the Metallica and comic book collections in mint condition or
the Darth Vader posters and Wonder Woman Tennis shoes, right?
Aye, I know it must be the Animal from the Muppets tee-shirts and the old school record player
with Bee Gees and Coldplay records on deck
and the vast knowledge of show tunes especially Les Miserables
and Grease and Rent and Hair and The Phantom of the Opera, isn’t it?
It’s probably also the Incubus tattoo more than anything
and the quoting Dragon Ball Z and the randomly singing
Amy Grant songs on bus stops and the Fight Club quoting
coupled with the paper bag colored skin in the summer time
and the ridiculously perfectly curled hair, or the diction and articulation
that make you come up to me completely sober and ask,
What are you?
In my head I reply, Human, like you.
In my head I reply, Human, like you.
In my head I reply, Human, like you.
But in actuality is that why you get taken aback by surprise when I reply
I’m your garden variety, generic, regular everyday neighborhood Black girl, at your service?


2015-03-14 20.34.10


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