Too shy and too overbearing
Too loud and too menacing
Too wishful and too commanding
Too slutty and too prudent
Too weird and too common and too specific
Too frank and too outspoken and too timid
Too big and too small and too wide
I was everything she was
I was everything you wanted her to be
and the things she pretended to believe
I was everything that she assumed
Too free and too choicy
Too honest and too broken
Too fragile and too hard
Too forgiving and too bitter
Too much, too late and now
She’s as gone as you wanna be
She’s as over it as you refuse to see
At one time, the poor lil rich girl
The smart lil insecure girl
was too creative and too stupid
Too solid and too fluid
but never fear, she ain’t here
That girl was who I used to be
that girl was who you knew, but she is no longer me
All my cells changed 7 years ago
except my neurons in my cerebral cortex
too wild and too demure
Too common, too obscure
my body forgot her but her mind grew up
and moved on….

So gone


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