Roaches Scatter In The Light

In the beginning you kept saying
You couldn’t remember life before me
But on the anniversary of our pairing
You couldn’t remember the date existing
Just like every sitcom ever sold
between detergents foam
You came on so strong
at the opening song
but I knew all along
You’re as fictional as a heavenly home-
In the beginning you kept promising
You couldn’t love anything more than me
But by the time the certificate was signed
You couldn’t remember why you loved me
Tired of being tied down
to the object you drafted
so desperately longing to be free
Of the wedding shackles you crafted
And now that you are- you didn’t wait long
to find a replica to replace me in plastic
after the time lapsing commercial
mid episode when it jumps from the past to here
In the beginning was just how you were raised
but the ending is the truth revealed…



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