Target Practice

The wind brushed up my skirt sir, wait
What did you say your name was again?
Oh Mark, yes, Mark, I am so sorry,
I obviously didn’t mean to expose myself, Martin,
in such a flamboyant way and excuse me…
I apologize because I don’t want you to get
the wrong idea about me,Milton, it would be
a waste of both of our times if you think
because of a little sneak peek of my
LA confidential that all of a sudden
I want to be your therapist, Mickey, or best friend,
confidant, babysitter, ringleader or long distance lover,
so I am completely ashamed, and caught unawares
that this may have seemed like an authentic flirtation
which genuinely started by an awkward appreciation
which the wind carried right under my skirt!
Can you believe that, Michael?
Forgive me if you can please, Morris, and if you can’t
then feel completely free to pack up your
crazy and totally fuck off, with my total blessing!
Have a great day, Maurice! It is Maurice, right?



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