Cereus Bitch

I don’t envy you at all quite frankly, Lily of the Valley,
Because you will die if it rains too hard…
You, who grew up in your two income, two parent household
You, who always had loving arms and a bed and who never went without food
You, who received all the care and devotion any child could dream of
I don’t envy you, and for very good reason, I might add-
Because you will die without a lot of sun…
You whine all day, every day about shit not going your way,
You’re a spoiled baby.
You’ll starve without cow milk and gravy.
But considering I was raised in a snake pit
Surrounded by blood thirsty vipers, with dangers not only around every corner
But also lurking behind the darkened curtains of my own broken home
I grew up with thieves and child molesters, prostitutes and drug abusers
Felons and people with undiagnosed mental illness, liars and cheats
And still I somehow wiped off as much muck as possible
With no clear cut reason to even try to survive
Without sunshine and nothing to drink
I still thrive.
So no, I don’t envy you at all quite frankly, Lily of the Valley,
Because in this world of ours; of two faced monsters, of pedophilic priests
of con artists and ponzi scams and haters smiling at you only to try and destroy you
the very second your back is turned,
I, the girl from no where, born in nothing
I, the girl who has been called worthless and treated like trash
Is more well equipped to survive in the trenches of this existence than you are.
I understand that the world doesn’t owe me shit, Lily.
I bloom at midnight.
But you’re overfed and lazy.
You’re unable to cope when the world goes crazy.
Without sunshine and nothing to drink
I still thrive.

So don’t pat my head or feel bad for me because I have had to fight for everything.
Don’t waste minutes Lily, feeling sad for me today-
Because unlike you, darling, nothing but time stands in my way.

You sure are pretty, Lily, sitting on top of the hill…
I may not have been nurtured as long but I am harder to kill.

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