Shame The Devil

Where do they do this at…
Where do people stare into the face of love and forget
Everything it said, everything it did
As soon as LUST walks into the room?
Where do they do that at…
Where do they resign in their mind that this is good enough and yet
They don’t laugh or smile the way they laugh or smile
When SIN sends a funny text?
What is really controlling you?
The desire or the practicality of a reservation for two
The reality of what’s right now or who you hope will change his mind soon?
What’s really doing it for you?
Where does this happen…
Where do people throw away the years of dedication and devotion and worship and praise
Just to spend an hour at least and at best a few days
With the unrequited PAIN you were forced to let go?
Since this is the kind of shit that nobody tells
Where or when it happens, we’ll never know…






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