Replica of Real Life

The picket fence is the dead line
Once you walk through the silky bubble
Of order and innocence and charm
And feel your insignificance for the first time
On the East or West Coast
You either crumble into yourself and scurry back
Or you break the invisible shackles and grow up for the first time
The poison in the air is so potent that
No matter how bad, how futile, how lost you are
the resounding slave song of work harder, family first
and have a good day penetrate your thoughts
as you try and convince real people in the real world
how to live by your imaginary ways for the first time
And if you escape truly, in mind and body
when you return everything seems like a miniature living room
in a doll house, every shamed face covered by a mask of bible verses
committed to memory
Death is welcomed there, lauded as your only final friend
Fashions arrive five years after they have died anywhere else
People hold each other’s hands and cry together
Because homosexuality means there is some wiring that went wrong
Even news programs keep the cadence, spewing the presumed safety
from criminals and viruses behind the rows of corn as long as
You drink whole cow milk, say your prayers and marry the first girl you’ve kissed
it’s like living on the back-lot of a sound stage of a 50’s television program
Even today the children are raised racist and sexist and remain mental infants
well into their 60’s the spiciest thing in their mouth a cool ranch potato chip
They still call you a big shot when you leave for the first time
So you’ve forgotten where you came from they say, with full on misery hiding
just beneath the surface of the most sincere smile that you have ever seen
Stuck like a bug in amber, preserving a land locked social experiment
a world of down to earth monsters who abide by the lies of Main Street
Not alive but living wearing a golden star of humility and rural nostalgia
keeping them behind that fence and ignorant every single time
They don’t challenge they don’t change except for the growing number
of meth labs and heroin overdoses and rampant drug abuse because
some of them have tried to break away but their mind can’t unravel
layers upon layers of Midwestern Values
I am ashamed to be from such a  fraudulent place where people gossip
and hide behind caricatures of Jesus and a false superiority to the mom
who has to work and can’t drop her kids off in the morning at the school
in cream colored clothing and natural toned finger nails and hair
You can’t correct them and you can’t help them
the fake halos and a capella solos and
farmer’s markets and church bazaars and fucking behind football games
in parked Camaros is all they think there is, is all that they want to know
And so how Ohio goes, so goes the nation, that’s the point of the experimentation
Let’s let the most timid, naive, brainwashed, plastic-coated, bible thumping, two faced, impoverished, childlike among us make decisions for the greater population
the ones with four hundred kids, each one they hated
as they kick sons and daughters into the streets as abominations for no other reason
than loving someone with a different skin tone, or with the same body parts
that he or she already has
and they claim their hearts are so big counting down the minutes
at a job that they hate to rush home and tend to a family that they can’t stand and were
forced into by their confused and saddened parents since they had to too
and the cycle continues because the furthest any of them have ever gone
Is one foot close to edge of that picket fence where they know nothing except
one thing, that on the other side, the fabrication of home town falls away and
they would have to actually open their eyes for the first time
instead of blindly believing everything.


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