Attack of The Clones… Again.

What? Appropriating Nerd Culture? If you think that I am doing this because my skin is brown, then my feelings are way hurt.
First of all, none of us have ever really wanted to be called a nerd!
We have been insulted by it all of our lives and now that we are grown we have just decided to embrace the shit. All it really means is that we like something so much that we know everything that there is to know about that thing. Some of y’all don’t realize it but you’re sports nerds, car nerds, movie nerds, etc.

  • My father, who at 60, and has nicknamed himself Elijah Snow, still rocks a Green Lantern tee shirt everywhere he goes and has over 30K comics that will become mine one day. It will be my only inheritance.
  • The only crime that I have ever committed was stealing an Archie comic book from a grocery store when I was 5 in 1980.
  • My grandma used to whisper in my ear before bed EVERY NIGHT, “books are your friends.”
  • Comics have been my babysitter since I was 11 years old.
  • I have never received less than a B+ in any class that mattered to me.
  • My son could tell you more about the Flash and his exploits than some of the writers on the show.
  • I have been to the Comic Con in San Diego and it was amazing- no hatred, all love.
  • My eyeglasses are not for fashion, butthead, they are prescription.
  • I have a framed Darth Vader poster in my living room and yes, I have met Carrie Fisher in person.

Sorry to T’challa and Ororo for this nonsense.

It’s so easy to hate people, to label them, to judge them but most of the time when people do this it is because they want to be them. So I have decided that now since you think I have been faking nerdom like I would choose to have people hate me more ( As if they didn’t already for being FEMALE and for being BLACK)  just because I can read and write and I like comics for FORTY FUCKING YEARS, you haven’t broken me before and you won’t now.

I just feel sorry for you and I will to continue to tell you to fuck off ‘cause I gotta buy tickets to see Dawn of Justice in 11 days.

So I’m busy.

2015-03-14 20.30.48


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