Plenty of Dogs in the Park… or Macaw, Ya’ll

Schnauzer, whom I love
wants me to tell him that I love him
Every four fucking hours.
And if five hours go by and I haven’t told him in some form or fashion
Schnauzer starts questioning whether or not I have ever loved him
So he cuddles up close to me and checks on me and texts me ten times
to make sure I haven’t forgotten about him entirely in that fifth hour
Since there are plenty of dogs in the park
And he’s not right
But he is not wrong
And this behavior eggs me on
Because thanks to his insecurity, usually when I take too long
to remind him my love isn’t gone its because my fantasies are turned way on
about a classic Border Collie that I used to love
and I’m wondering where he is running to now
and I’m wondering if he is missing me at all
missing my smell, missing my hand scratching his ear
missing my voice and having a catch and I want to randomly yell out
Here Boy
I’m right here
But he has a new human now and a new family
So to be respectful of Border Collie’s decisions
I day dream instead and end up feeling terribly and then think well since there are
Plenty of dogs in the park I am curious
if I still have the ability to befriend and control any other canis lupus familiaris-
So I tell Schnauzer to relax and I’ll be home soon-
then I have tea with Dachshund or
A funny conversation with a local German Shepherd or even let a Beagle
flirt for a minute or two which is irritating after a few seconds
because I don’t really want to get to know any of them at all
And I am sure that my Schnauzer, whom I love
Is at home, in the window, looking for my car and the Border Collie
I dream about is doing the same thing, just not for me, even if occasionally
if I show up with a leash
he like all of the others, will let me take him for a short walk
around one of his favorite trees-
Which is disheartening and probably the reason that I should just give it all up
Since every cute Corgi for miles could use a good home
So maybe I don’t love Schnauzer like I thought or like he wants me to
I’m just avoiding what I really want to do
which is be brave enough to go to the pet store and buy a bird.




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