Half Priced Box Wine

Sunken lifeless child’s eyes
greasy receding mop top cut into a military style
lack of a strong jaw hidden by a multicolored graying beard
sweating profusely, huge drops of liquid salt
falling like tear drops, like rain drops, a faucet-
wet sloppy mouth constantly distracting from rarely brushed teeth
sparse hair patches in weird spotty clumps soaked
around the wiry shrunken scarily pale shoulders
and down the hunched bony nearly starved back
a pathetic concave stringy hair covered chest
attached directly to knobby kneed chicken legs
a minuscule inverted slit for an ass
humping hard, crouched like a monkey in captivity
clammy soft tiny baby’s hands clutching desperately atop
a monstrously large, cellulite speckled
brown paper bag colored
globe of greasy smelling gluteus
vibrating in waves up the lumpy back of fat creases
three mini bellies dangling down like pig teats
flabby lopsided breasts clapping like catcher’s mitts
one droopy arm the same width as both of his chicken legs tied together
holding up a body heavier and wider than the bed itself
yellowing gapped buck teeth and bulging dark doe eyes rolling from boredom
being dripped on while faked porn moans fill the empty room
a shadow of a double chin under a faintly hairy upper lip
costume hair discarded in the dark for a silk scarf
both groaning and grinding all up on each other
concealing feelings and loathing day light
one imagining someone else
and the other faking orgasm
one drunk
the other high
one wishing the other would finish and get off
and the other wishing they could keep an erection
a floppy white bunny humping and hopping
all over the brown backside of a great grizzly bear
for an hour and a half
One feeling exotic, the other defiant
One satisfied with having anybody
the other unsatisfied with everybody
a disgusting display of comically sordid intimacy
When sad misfits pity fuck each other to death
in the suburbs of lower middle class Midwestern America
on any given Friday night in winter
where pretending to be in love is king.

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