The Point (Pointless)

Walking around day dreaming
and constantly running
into things that seem to stick to me
And I don’t want anything I only want everything
I want to taste it and understand it and then put it down
somewhere and leave it for someone else to try
but that’s not how it ever goes
no such thing as a sample or a friend with benefits
no such thing as a one night stand unless you have invisibility
the more I shake them off the more things appear
the more that you want to hold onto
the uglier it gets
You can only carry you to the end
But that’s not what they sell you
That’s not what they tell you
Work harder try harder be more go for it
Grab it steal it rape it fake it whatever it takes
Until I’m too heavy to move and no one can hear
My wails and pitch black screams
lies dense like morning fog
All I ever am is an apologizing experiment
A magnet for fantasies yet
My constant fear of having all the wrong things
And still somehow managing to never be good enough
to love myself when no one is watching
will surely be the death of me while I am
Walking around day dreaming



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