VIP list at Earth’s Club

Up until the 15th century they would have called us all girls;
But now I am a grown ass man
You loved me when you thought I needed an umbrella
so you provided shelter with smiles and outstretched hands
but now that you see that I am a Commander
We all notice at once
That I am the manliest man in our crew
and you’re wearing couture frowns-
Now that I lead nations and armies, your questions
about my tactics fill libraries
You think that I have overstepped my bounds
and I should go back to being delicately shrowded
I will never forget what you have done for me
I will never forget what it took to get me here
So if you decide that these days I am a haughty stuck up bitch
because I am willing to stand in the rain un-shielded
because I am what you are looking for from the world and can’t be it-
because I notice that you notice that I can’t be controlled

I forgive your insolence
my trusted and loyal friend(s)
and only I can, because I am the King.



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