Corporate forest

Butterfly gets here and gets away with everything that I want
Butterfly steals chances and choices like hearts in the dark
Butterfly tells lies and I know they’re lies because they are all about me
Butterfly figures out how to dish it all out and I’m sitting here waiting
For my turn
There’s always a reason a bee is not up next
My turn, why can’t I be the one cashing the checks?
How come it’s never my turn?
How come I’ve so many lessons to learn?
I see Bumblebee over there looking at me and I never know why
I’ve tried to be her friend since I got here but she only gives me the evil eye
I came to do my job, I came to do it great but I didn’t come to make no friends
It doesn’t matter to me if she is bent out of shape in this business the most flexible wins
It’s my turn
there’s always someone trying to hold Butterfly wings down
My turn, I didn’t come for second place to this backwater town
How come no one lets me enjoy my turn?
How come I’ve got so many bridges to burn?



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