Unexpected Normalcy In Love

I got up at 7: 18 AM.
I wrote some things down that I wanted to accomplish during the day and at work on Monday.
I read some tweets and then went back to bed.
He asked how I go to bed so late and then get up so early and I replied that I was a ninja.
We lay there together, dosing off and on, cracking wise and snoring until around 10:30 AM
We smoked a cigarette and had a fight about truckers being perverts and then ended up laughing uncontrollably about men who had families in different parts of the country all along the road.
We decided to make the heartiest of breakfasts, sausages, bacon, hash browns, toast, oatmeal and eggs. We cooked in the kitchen together but after a while I told him to get out of the way and go sit down. He could roll a joint if he wanted to be useful.
We ate and watched an emotional streaming movie, and then he turned on a comedy documentary and I went for groceries at the store. He sent me a text message at check out, that I had looked so lovely today. He didn’t know until I got back that I had purchased him a new backpack while out to replace the one that he had broken.
After the groceries were put away, we watched a little TV and then he watched wrestling while I studied some material for a class I would be teaching on Monday.
We decided to go sing Karaoke but we ended up making dinner and having a few beers.
That’s all that happened.
That’s all that went down.
I can’t believe it either.
My worst fear, after the novelty has worn off is that there is nothing left.
I’ve always been afraid of the wrong things.

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