The womanizer has a woman now
The picky princess has a pliable prince
The gold digger has his husband with endless pockets
The serial monogamist just bought a new home that came with kids
They stand in a circle around me
Holding hands and looking down
Wondering how I could still be sampling
When the love circus has rolled into town
They must have put something into the water
These people used to be like me
Now they all hum the Bridal Chorus from Wagner’s Lohengrin
And claim at our ages its destiny
The womanizer used to guffaw at titles
The picky princess polished up her own throne
The gold digger was making strategic investments
The serial monogamist had lost weight and wrote songs
I lead the charge, we can do this, we can be happy and still be free
They all nodded but I didn’t notice, that they had all felt sorry for me
So now the womanizer has a big girl who overlooks his flaws
The picky princess found a bumbling bear king without any claws
The gold digger’s leprechaun is rich as long as he pretends he isn’t gay
The serial monogamist’s found a six who likes 3-somes (so as usual) he decided to stay
They keep asking me if I am thirsty, if I want to sip the kool-aid too
I stand in the middle, my boyfriend high with the giggles
My resistance as firm as a foam wall
My friends are now heart eyed emojis, their pressure is heavy on me
And wonder what it is that I should do
When the goddamn love circus comes riding through…

5-5-2016 6-40-57 AM


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