Where Scrapper Blackwell died

Where I am from during the month of May nothing matters more than 500 laps around the Motor Speedway, even though the first event there was a balloon race.
Where I am from not loving basketball is sacrilege.
Where I am from Elvis played his last concert.
Where I am from Don never wanted to make any money, he just loved to sell guns.
Where I am from in 1910, Madam CJ Walker set up a laboratory and beauty school in my hometown so we claim her as our own although she was born in Louisiana and died in New York.
I lost my virginity in this place.
Where I am from Santa Claus has his own town.
Where I am from a bill was signed into law intended to allow business owners the right to deny services to gays and lesbians for religious reasons.
Where I am from Benjamin Harrison and William Henry, Jane Pauley, Babyface, and David Letterman, Steve McQueen and James Dean are iconic representations of the community’s creative and political aesthetic.
Where I am from has the third most tornadoes per 10,000 square miles of any state in the country.
Where I am from major thoroughfares are surrounded by corn fields.
I was nearly raped in this place.
Where I am from Alexander Ralston and others designed the Capital City in 1821 and a restaurant named after him still stands on Massachusetts Ave.
Where I am from hospitality is a commercial selling point that we were raised on.
Where I am from ranks #1 for having the worst water pollution in the country, particularly from industrial pollutants.
Where I am from everyone sings about the Wabash river with reverence.
I went to school in this place.
Where I am from women earn 74% of what men earn.
Where I am from you haven’t lived if you haven’t waited in line to eat fresh hot doughnuts from Long’s Bakery.
Where I am from Jesus Saves and Mike Tyson, Henry Lee Summer and Ray Charles got arrested.
Where I am from if you went out downtown it would take a year for you to hit the same place twice.
Where I am from the Raggedy Ann doll was invented.
I was discriminated against in this place.
Where I am from seeing the Soldiers and Sailors Monument up close will make you cry.
Where I am from you cannot buy alcohol on Sundays, still.
Where I am from is racist, and sexist and wicked and ignorant and small minded and fanatic and beautiful and sovereign and home. I take it with me, the goodness and the hope, the depravity and hatred, the generosity and fear.
I attempted suicide in this place.
Where I am from is probably the same with its heroes and horrors as anyone else’s birthplace.
To the people who still reside where I am from I implore you- be proud of the positives of our heritage but be mindful of the cost of exhorting ideologies of the past while remaining uneducated of the present.
I used to live in this place.
Where I am from legacy and gossip are everything.
Cheer from whence you hail, Circle City dwellers but always seek to do and be better as individuals every day because each of us can always make a difference on what people respect, revere, and remember about who we are and where us, the children of the crossroads, the hometown Hoosiers are from.



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