Numb and dumb with young in the rearview
Exploding streams of colorful nothingness
Just trying to shake some of my glitter off onto you
Using any tools I can find, my ass, my mind
Dripping wet from shallow pools of childish angst
Just asking you to for once look my way
But knowing that if you ever do I won’t have anything to say
Because I am not unique enough, just fluffy stuff under gruff
Just numb and dumb with young sleeping with yesterday
My dirty face makes you ignore my clean hands
My zombified stance the universal plan
I loom large and defiantly brood but underneath a terrification ensues
Problems as relevant as dew
Full and useless with nothing new to it to do to it but confuse
As deep as a candy coated crush at this age
Numb and dumb with young bidding me adieu
I hang on as long as the cameras are on, are they still on so I can pretend to
Let it go because vapors have nothing to prove where no shadows loom-


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