Erratic Electrical Impulses

After all of the photographers are gone and the merry makers rest
When all the fans have slipped into a deep sleep and couldn’t care less
That’s when he takes my hand…
We never wanted it out loud, at least that’s what we’ve said
But whenever I smile, he takes a picture of it in his head
We have no idea what we are supposed to do
But that’s when he tells me I will take care of you…
I have no reason to believe, with all the the lies sold in the world
I have proof that people only want the things that they have to hurt
I have slain many hearts to protect my very own
That’s when he said I am his religion…
And suddenly for a second my sadness, all of it, was gone
All of the fame in the world meant nothing to me
All the notoriety as a promise of escape became glorified vanity
This has to be that feeling that all the warm bodies are seeking
Someone living and breathing and willing to be weakened
I am the mountain that no one dared to love
And for some reason he refused to stop giving me the longest hug
He held me so close breaking me down to build me up
I let him sit on my peak and look out at the truth of the world
That’s when I said his new point of view is his reward
I can’t sense why he feels this way about me and I can’t feel the ground beneath my feet
Somehow, together, we are both free
Somehow the realest version of him is attached to and a reflection of the best snapshot of me…



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