Emotionally Stable Romantic

People will tell you that they LOVE you and as soon as you leave the room, bad mouth you to anyone who will listen.

People will tell you that they LOVE you when they have no intention of staying by your side for longer than it takes for something better to breeze on through.

People will live with you, sleep with you and even go to their graves, claiming that they LOVE-d you but if you could have seen into their minds for one afternoon, you would know, that you didn’t matter at all.

People will tell you that they LOVE you and cheat on you, lie to you, hit you, and even steal from you.

Some of us are so blinded and brainwashed by the word LOVE that we have been (or are still) in horrible relationships with people out of obligation for no other reason than “he/she said he/she LOVE-d me”, myself included.
I’m not immune.
Who are these people who do all of these awful things to others after professing their undying LOVE?
Those people are you.
Those people are all of us.

Every single one of us has lied to somebody, somewhere at sometime and sworn our undying LOVE and devotion to such and such and blah blah blah…
And didn’t mean a word of it.
Or regretted it later and took it back like you can just turn LOVE off when you don’t get your way…

There is no way to ever truly know if anyone loves you at all really. No way to really ever know for sure. Some people are emotionally connected to other people that they can’t be with or tell or touch or talk to. But distance and roadblocks and barriers don’t stop them from feeling how they feel.
You could be living with, or married to someone right now who spends all of their free time fantasizing about LOVING an ex instead of you.
Can never really tell.

Have that perfect relationship with you that you keep trying to get from other people.

Forgive yourself. Be kind to yourself. Develop a love for yourself.

And if that means that you have to be single or “alone” a while to do so, isn’t it worth it? Even if only for peace of mind?

Because when that next person tells you that they LOVE you and leaves, or worse, stays with you and resents you, at least you will have build up the courage and instinct to listen and obey the warnings and RUN.

At least you won’t still be one of those people.

You know the ones.

The ones sitting around lying about LOVE.


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