He loved you into this world
and he was there
from the very first movement
of your heart by itself
and ever since he has been with you
guiding your chin toward the sky
to that guy
who never let you down
Happy Father’s Day

He built you a home and read you a book and tied your shoes and taught you to throw and knew your friends and listened when you cried…

He stepped in and took care of her
and took care of you
when he didn’t have to
and he did it gladly too
because loving her meant loving you
and he leads his family honorably
to that guy
who claims you as his own
Happy Father’s Day

He asks for nothing but your safety and common sense, he teaches life lessons by just being him, he’s firm yet caring regardless of how much he can afford to spend and he’s not afraid to say he loves you.

And if he is gone
In your actions carry on
Every beautiful thing he gave you
thanks to that guy who made or raised you
to him
Happy Father’s Day



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