Enticing Schistosomiasis

You’re sweet like diabetes-
Thank you for rubbing my feet even when they were dirty.
I never asked you for anything but company but you refused to enjoy serendipity.
Thank you for running errands for me at the last minute even when you were dog tired.
I never wanted a husband or even a serious boyfriend but you refused to see the truth.
Thank you for fixing anything in my house that you noticed was broken.
I never meant to lead you on but I couldn’t bear to watch a grown man cry.
You don’t exist when I am sleeping-
Thank you for randomly buying me surprise presents that you knew I would love.
She won’t go, I know she won’t I can make her stay, you say…
I never thought it would go this far, I thought you would see the exit signs.
Thank you for listening to me rant about my coworkers that you didn’t know and remembering their names and keeping up with the conversations.
I never wanted a large family, which you knew but chose to ignore over and over again.
Over-zealously clingy like swampy leeches-
Thank you for not only tolerating my music but even buying me concert tickets.
I never wanted you to offer to leave them behind if I had asked.
Thank you for not being afraid of a little blood.
I never wanted you to do everything you thought would let you keep me, even if you had to pretend.
She loves me, I know she does, I can make her believe, you’ll see…
Thank you for driving me around in the snow when I was too chicken to drive myself.
Fiction in every one of your manipulative speeches-
I never wanted you to pretend you didn’t like country music or wrestling.
Thank you for telling me that I was beautiful even after I had gained 40 pounds in just 2 years.
I never wanted you for more than one night but you, much like a parasite, latched on after our first kiss.
Thank you for believing the most exquisite lies told by man; the ones that he told himself.
A spine made out of lonely dream creases-
I never wanted you although I pretended to, and for that I am truly sorry, I thought you knew.
Thank you for trying so hard to sucker me into a relationship.
She won’t go, she loves me, she won’t go…. she’s gone.
Every break up teaches-

6-23-2016 7-53-37 PM

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