A drunken shaman from the old south west told silly Lucy one day
That it wasn’t love she’d been feeling for that man she asked to stay

And silly Lucy said who are you to tell me what it is I feel
He said I’ve known a girl a time or two selling weary wanderers that same deal
You pick the lowest one in the bunch with the littlest self esteem
You give em affections he aint never had and watch his bug eyes gleam
and later on when you’ve had enough like a black widow is want to do
You tell that boy to hit the bricks and find another young fool to subdue

Well silly Lucy tipped her hat and said shaman you have a good day
Nobody talks to me like that she huffed and walked away
Excuse me miss the shaman said you know I’ve never lied
You don’t like that boy cause you don’t like yourself and you want him to do the thing you aint tried
You cant look at yourself without crying ’cause you think you’re scum and blue
so you find a minion with nothing upstairs to love you girl, instead of you
and when you realize you can do better you toss him in a can
but he aint the trash, you are ma’am for playing with the heart of that man

Silly Lucy looked him dead in the eyes and she flicked her hair to one side
She said I aint shit but I aint a bitch I wouldn’t do that to some lonely guy
Maybe I was wrong for the very first time the shaman said to her
Maybe you don’t think you’re a big shot when you’re standing next to a walking piece of dirt.


Silly Lucy told the boy he could go on his merry way
wasn’t no reason for him to come with her, no real place for him to stay
she rolled her eyes at the shaman super mad he was probably right
and she told herself she would try something else to get on through the night.

2 responses to “Big shot”

  1. smitten Avatar

    Lovely and scary…
    Thank you ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Queen Rude Avatar

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

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