False Pretenses

Oh nawl…oh yeah I want the best for you, “boo”-
Get your groove, but keep it calm and cool…
Don’t dance, don’t dance, don’t dance so smooth
Yeah I like YOU ma, I love YO style
I see you shining all bright and proud
But don’t dance, don’t dance don’t dance so wild
Girl go ahead and follow your dreams
You damn near half way amazing
Don’t dance, don’t dance, don’t dance over me
Cause without me ma, who the fuck are you?
Without out me ma, you just look “loose”
What chu got to prove you’ve done enough
Don’t dance, Don’t dance, Don’t dance so tough
Oh nawl…oh yeah I’m on your team
You got that fire, yo flow so sweet
Don’t dance, don’t dance off all that heat
Hey hold my hand and let a Captain lead
Let me Let me Let me Let me
‘Cause without me, you got two wrong feet
Can’t trust a lil queen sans a big giant king,
You can have a throne baby for a seat
Don’t dance, don’t dance just go be sweet
I see you got it, didn’t happen by luck
Might as well stop now I see you nearly up
Can’t dance, can’t dance, can’t dance too much
Might forget your place and end up with NO love…


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