The Monster Always Wins The Lottery

You sit there all nervous
Twiddling your thumbs
You’ve been so good and caring and merrily wholesome
and sweet and kind and thoughtful
and courteous and neat
and balanced and hopeful
and pleasant and discreet
and timely and frugal just like the law says
and loyal and compliant and never underfed…
Yet you look surprised when they call out the names
Only Godzilla, Chupacabra and Vlad the Impaler are in the game
And out of the blue when they announce the top spot
It’s Frankenstein who takes the prize you shoulda got
This whole time you swore that they would say
The good is the best and the right is the way
But Frank stole the show and lumbered past your disdain
With power and prestige and money and fame
How is this possible, the antagonist is supposed to lose
In all the fictitious stories sold about what you should do
They will always pick a monster over a goody two shoes
They will always obey the villain and kill to be in her crew
Because a monster is fearless, the monster will cheat
The blob says fuck your feelings and Freddy Kruger won’t let you sleep
We cheer for the hated we scream for the wrongest
Nobody rewards the nice guy for trying to be honest
What did you expect from predators who give out awards?
They punish the positive and butterflies don’t belong
The bad guy takes the glory and the monks beat the gong
You sit there disheartened
Trying to play along
The meek just may inherit the earth
a billion years after it’s all gone…….


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