Valhalla Boxers by Abercrombie

When May Yin meets December Yang on a cosmic crossroad
A transient disturbance occurs fueled by chance and wonder

There is no safe zone here, monsters are jolted to life

no warning or reason, all fear subsides

instincts glowing like tattoos
May’s fingertips lingering
underneath welcomed bruises intoxication leaking

No mistakes just divine evolutionary predilection

May is December’s new favorite medication

There is no harbor to turn back to now

And they both know

That as soon as May realizes that ooze can be forced to rhyme with soothe

against its will

there is no hopeful happy ending

fabricated by an archaic ‘ism’ on the horizon

no blue pill

just dream chasers intertwined

both mesmerized by

May’s angelic reflection

‘til he comes

buried beneath December’s honey flavored hell-scape

‘til he comes

A mother alone with some worried woman’s joy and pride

‘til he comes

anxious to kiss the lips of the moon while it dances on an electromagnetic slide

‘til he comes

30 feet from the burning sun

When May meets December…
There is no safe zone here

No eucalyptus or antiseptics
Love tattooed on his fingertips

soothing the ooze of that moment
When Sid lays his eyes on Nancy

There is no harbor to turn back to now

and dying suddenly seems sex synonymous
and the only appropriate use of passing time

because nothing else matters at all
except May inside December

scratching her scarred up soul

for the sake of pleasure alone…

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