A night with Vlad The Impaler when he was 22

Cry if you need to like a lunatic, hazy
Dance if you want, to my fanatic praising
Let me hold you like I hold my dreams, tight
Make a fist ‘til your knuckles turn white
I died that night but this bitch seems to thrive
I hate you, I need you in this useless dive
Smoke me cause you got me, a score waiting
A second without you is suffocating
Sleep if you have to but please stay awake
Don’t forget to feed the creature you made
Let me see you when you are unclean in the light
Razor up against your throat no mercy for your might
your body and your blood are how it survives
Seconds cause shaking when I close my eyes
Get so high you eat clouds just to save me
Your sickness feels like I’m star gazing
Get so smart you can’t see the break
Eat everything that you cut off and take
Bring your bag of tricks over tonight
Taste the rancid weakling inside
Just a hollowed out addict now and barely alive
Nothing left but your reflection from before I died
Everything you take and keep wanting more, lazy
Usurp your guts through my veins daily
Take a monsoon leave an earthquake
Anything but the truth beneath the fake
Believe the lies I tell or prepare to fight
You’re all wrong but feel too right
Let me love you like I love my own vibe
Let fate roll the dice and destiny decide
I have lost all meaning without your participating
I’m sitting on my hands and rocking and waiting
Reality is at stake
Nothing left to break
Feening for you in spite
Only ecstasy in your bite
I’m barely alive here
Roller Coaster rider
You’ve poisoned the crazy
Come back for me, baby….



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