Shit on the Sidewalk

You want a reward.
Nothing done for the sake of.
Everything is for sale.
Your trademark is obsession.
You overuse love.
You’re the proof marketing works.
You believe you’re vital, that you mean something.
I play along.
Your world view is piss puddle deep.
Everything is for trapping.
You want all of the attention
but when looked upon
there is nothing new, original or even exciting to see.
You live to be special.
You blend right into only the finest of the fine
of life’s cheap trinkets.
You overuse love.
I play along.
Everything about you can be changed for a price.
Everything has a cost.
We love each other as long as there is a master and servant.
A right plug for every socket.
Everything is worthless.
Everything is empty.
You’re confident that existence must have purpose.
You’re confident love is not an illusion.
You want a reward.
I play along.
Death is coming and it won’t cost you a thing.
Everything is magic.
So keep telling me lies about forever.
You overuse love.
Your trade secret is blind belief.
You overuse love.
Keep making promises from someone else’s song
The one about love, and commitment
The one where I don’t bite
I’ll play along
while I stare up at constellations all night
Since everything actually becomes nothing
Just for the sake of….


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