Rife w/ SpeeEeeeEeling Errorz or Mr. Geisel made me do it

You want me to be different but not too different that you can’t get the joke…
You want me to be unique but not too unique that you can’t mark me as kinfolk..
You want me to write like they write and think like they think with a tiny variance on the same themes and streams but if I make a mistake and mezpelle something you freak when mostly you speak emoji...
You have a box for me, the broke poet I see, the fringe girl in the world who
sees connections in the seams, who pays attention to dreams and tends to tread toO close to the cosmic side of interesting and has a major problem with attention seeking
You want me but you don’t, not really. You want perfection through correction so you can assign meaning but it never occurred to you that none of this existence means a fukkingggg thing- Love can be bought, hate can be taught and words are just lies made up of what we are thinking….
Thangkk you for finding this and reading
Thank you for commenting on how uneven the souffle is leeeeening when you’ve never cooked an original idea since your heart stARTed beating…
You want me to make art that other artists will recommend to artists who fake art as a pitstop to pop culture artistic admiration
I love you but let’s end the affiliation
I appreciate your participation
But you want me to ask for permission so you can trust my inventions ENDtensionz-
Instead I plan on passing on an infection- a poetic virus transmitted in the world’z direction
You want me to be different but not too different that you can’t get the joke
But I won’t.


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