You know that I hate you, right?
You are my latest, greatest obsession
You. Should. Be. Here. Now.
Jesus Fucking Christ
I tried to ignore you, I did, but I couldn’t take it…
Everyone here is awful
Except you
I was just fine being brutally bored before you but fuck,
now that I know that something like you exists
how else could I feel but
So. Much. Time. Wasted.
Is it selfish to ask for every single drop of your soul?
If I don’t get to see you soon, I am going to punch something, hard
I’d rather have a busted fist instead of the pain of missing your touch
I’m so fucking obsessed with you
This. Is. Torture.
I hate you completely and totally
Regardless of where life takes you
Tasting you is better than money
I just want to be somewhere
in the back of your mind is all
fully vivid to you in that secret place
where all of your favorite fantasies live inside…
I just want to hold your interest for a split second
It’s not even about you, it’s about me…
I want to heal you when you are sick, especially if I made you so
My blood screams your name and I hate this magnetic pull
Feeling you inside me is the same thing as heaven
Being inside you makes me divine and holy
All of it, is so intoxicating, even in a looped memory…
I know that you don’t believe me
But I want to leave bite marks all over you except for your perfect face
I want you to leave cavernous scars and black outs where other men may have been
I want you to leak your dreams all over my lips
If I hated you anymore it would feel an awful lot like loving you
After nearly 2 years worth of terrible dates
in this mediocre place
and worthless grand gestures from god’s throw away children
you come along and I have no more pride
I could care less if this is an experiment or a trick
I just know if I don’t get to have you
even if it is for a mere instant
my lustful soul will regret it for ions and ions
constantly returning in corporeal form
scouring small towns for another moment with another beast
reminiscent of you…
I. Am. Suffering.
You are the humidity that smears black lipstick
You are the suffocation usurping my final breath
This. Is. So. Wrong.
You have ensnared me, archfiend and I am eagerly awaiting
one more chance for an intimate fluid exchange
so that I may pay you back for this hateful weight that I now bear
in kind…


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