Wonderfully Insane Crash Test Dummies in Love

Dorky Donna Dope is in love with Dumbass David Ditz.
David Ditz has moved on and could care less about this.
Dufus Derek Dingbat loves Donna Dope-
Donna has no problem letting Dufus Derek go
Donna found a blissful moment when she met a man
Who acted and sounded like David but looked better than him by ten.
Dorky Donna Dope fell in love with Dingy Daniel Doof
to make David Ditz jealous so he wouldn’t be so aloof
But Dingy Daniel the young disaster demolished Donna’s play
You my sexy slutty FRIEND are wonderfully insane.
See Daniel didn’t love Donna then Derek decided one day
He would kill David and Daniel to get them out of the way
But Derek hasn’t told the truth a day in his life
The only reason that he is divorced is because he lied to his wife.
So Dorky Donna Dope hasn’t improved her situation at all
Dumbass David Ditz ditched the doll and is long gone
Yet Dingy Daniel Doof has his whole full life ahead
and Dufus Derek Dingbat still wants Donna or so he says.


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