Yes, Mistress

Every time I hit you it’s affection…
I didn’t know how far I could go
but now that I own you
I need you to heal so I can destroy you
Every time I bite you, it’s praise…
You get on my nerves
and again
Nothing sitting on a bag of frozen peas can’t fix.
I forgive you
because I control you
Resist if you must
While you’re tied down and waiting
This anguish is fun and painful
onceĀ again
Every time you can’t breathe,
you can’t see, you’re sore and shivering
it’s because I love my addiction to you
and again
Nothing a bandage or gauze can’t fix.
I’d rather die alone with memories of you
then die surrounded by smiling vultures
Don’t patronize with your wicked smiling
Flail if you must
and again
I want you entranced
Isn’t that what you need?
The terror in your eyes is mesmerizing
and again
Sleeping in puddles of drool and sweat and lust
Nothing peroxide can’t fix.
and again
Cry if you must
Do I scare you when I keep you in line
Isn’t that your favorite part?
and again
Bleed if you must
You don’t love me now but you will…
Nothing neosporin can’t fix.
You’ll have fond awful memories
You don’t love me back but you will…
I didn’t know how far I could go
And now I can’t ever stop
and again
and again….

8-6-2016 4-53-43 PM

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