Danger Duffle

Underneath the smooth finish
Lies a sharpened edge
No one would guess that a Ken Doll
Grew a machete between his legs
What did I ever see? Is the monster in me….
Underneath the softest pelt
Are teeth ready to kill
No one would believe the pretty boy
Would rather suffer than simply feel…
What is wrong with me? Am I a victim in the making…
Just beneath the fluffy coat
Is nothing you can connect with
Peter Pan wants to have a good time
But a childlike monster isn’t a myth
How could this have happened?
Unless you’re willing to stare into
The instability of the darkest abyss
Watch out for the guy with the handcuffs
Watch out for the kid with the bloody kiss
How is his soul so blackened?
I saw the skulls in the back pockets of his jeans
And I noticed he had no reflection
When he sat his dufflebag down next to me
I knew it was too late for rejection….
He’s only in love with harming
His lips cover flesh rippers
His eyes leak acidic tears
He carries conquered hearts on his keychain
He wants to sleep next to all of my fears
I’ve made a mistake and I’m sorry
I’ve made a mistake and I’m sorry….

8-11-2016 7-52-55 PM

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