Maudlin Shots

The tequila says he’ll do anything I ask
But he’s not the one I asked
And the one I asked just laughs
And that’s just how it goes
The rum claims he’ll sacrifice, He’ll pay the price
He’ll lay down his life
if it pleases me
which ironically
I would do the exact same thing
For the one laughing at me…
The vodka says I can use him up
He don’t give a fuck
Just as long as he gets to touch
me again
I can’t let him win
It feels like a sin
to love the one who loves me
just because the one that I can’t have
won’t ever, ever give in…
Beer screams he’s just like me
a fool kept waiting
anticipating a life he’ll never live
And that’s just how it goes
We’re stupid and the Chianti says it shows
Since we both only want love that takes more than it gives…



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