I lay my hat with Kings

Throughout the annual trip around the sun
I like to soar through every boundary
and flee common territories
to taste every new thing labeled different and strange
but around the beginning of the Virgo new year
I sense emptiness in the shifting of the season so
I ask for my comrades to reign me back in
and pull my tether home to them
so that I can recharge my cosmic batteries
after exploring known impossibilities beyond the rim
and as soon as I am well and full
off laughs and moments and growth and love
then I sail off for outer space once again
sending back notes, evidence and well wishes from beyond
in sanskrit, hieroglyphs, and songs about what I have done wrong
eager to schedule our next meeting of human bliss
when the greens change into heavy maroons post next summer’s end…

8-19-2016 7-31-31 AM


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