The trick is you gotta master misdirection
She heard him say he was leaving but couldn’t let him
So he kept on decieving at his discretion
Still she craves him without asking any questions…
The trick is you gotta play change blindness
He loved someone else that’s where his mind is
So he kept his heart hoping she acquiesces
But she loved another guy with all her wishes…
The trick is you gotta pay attention
The lady’s choice had one sole ambition
To get the first chick away from her addiction
That guy was leaving but her dumb ass stayed with him..
We’re wired to believe in illusion, choosing
Relations are the proof of self delusion, we’re ruined-
Whoever you want isn’t really bliss
The tragic comedy of your love is a primal trick…

8-22-2016 9-24-48 PM

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