I am nearly drowning…..
If they sold replicas of you on the internet
I’d have bought all of them by now
and still be mad that none of them are really you….
Is there anything better in this stupid world
then seeing your fantasy unfurl?
Hello monster that I brought to life
You’re mine.
And you brought this on yourself….
You can’t chat up vampires
and get mad when your flesh rips open….
You asked for this….
I am almost dying……..
Let me give me you; in exchange for something breakable
to put other women’s empty promises in….
You’re mine.
You have my attention sir and isn’t this exactly the way that you thought it would be, me squeezing the life out of you just to understand how much breath it takes to keep you out of a coma?
I want to say your name, miles away, softly, and make you leak….
You unstoppable freak of nature…
You’re mine.
It might not make logical sense but who cares about that in the end….
You crossed my path, pulled me close and now I have your scent in my lungs….
I want you tied up in my trunk…
But you know that
We’re five seconds into the train wreck
before the concussion…
You’re mine.
So all that this ecstasy is waiting on
You know that thing that is on the tip of your tongue
that you won’t tell me because you just might get it…
All of it can happen and its waiting on you….
You should get what you want and I should give it to you…
And you brought this on yourself….
You’re mine.
You asked for this….
You don’t have to daydream about kidnapping anymore
I’ve got what you crave and you’ve got what I need
When I can proceed…
Let me break you like you have broken me
I long to stay on your mind
Sewn into sockets where you’ve gone blind
You’re mine.
Why waste any more of my precious time?
Let the horror film begin….
History will forgive us for these sins…


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