Welcome to Disappointment City, Population: Everybody

We still want coddling
But I want you and you know it
We want immediate and constant approval
Like the children that we all are
Problem is, problem is, problem is
We don’t want to give it to ourselves
I can’t have you so I’m disappointed
Therein the rub lies long
We expect everyone else to give it to us
Give me your love, love me-
Even after we trick each other, lie,
I’ve said everything I could say
cheat on each other, fight
I’ve said more than I want to ever express
Steal from one another, debase,
I’ve been vulnerable in ways I’m not used to
kill one another, deface
I don’t want to hurry up and wait
We want boo-boo kisses and promises that we are okay
But we don’t love ourselves at all
You never pick up when I call
And isn’t that easier, so much easier, really easy
To see that when you love you then you can extend love outwardly
Give me your love, love me-
Give me your love, abuse me-
and for free
I only know you because you wanted to know me…
Without manipulating people to fulfill a selfish need
to be reminded that deep down
we are beautiful
Do whatever the fuck you want but
Don’t you think that I am beautiful anymore, baby
I’m wearing the cloak of anxiety that you gave me…



2 thoughts on “Welcome to Disappointment City, Population: Everybody

  1. I really enjoy reading your poetry. It always evokes deep feelings within me…
    “I only know you because you wanted to know me…” so true…

    1. I appreciate the fact that you would take a moment to read anything that I write and that second moment even more when you comment. Thank you, tremendously!

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