So bad, too bad, more than bad, unhappily
wanting everything that I think that you could be
so mad, so sad so eagerly awaiting
spending just a moment in your presence, free
so loose, so rude, so obtuse, so new, so cool
and everything that I wish that I could be
but I aint because I’m so chicken, so broken, so wishing
and I need what I feel when you give it
what I see is just you and me its so sickening
and we play our secret games where you so pick me
stripping the un from happily and you’re so far away
and that’s such a good thing
because you’re so distracting
and if you were here instantly
nothing would be
the same, so gone ,so wrong, we grown
and I wish that this was a real love song
Where I could sing along with whatever it is you see
When you see me…



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