The rain is to blame
for my feet being wet
I miss you but I am not supposed to
And you’re the cause
of a new regret
He misses her but he really shouldn’t
its the sky’s fault
that I can’t forget
She misses him and it’s too late
and due to you
I didn’t clear the net
They miss one another and always have
the last time it rained
and I was caught unaware
You were on my mind, I swear
so now I prepare
They miss one another and always will
but can’t resist the dare
to keep my feet dry
thunderstorms remind
every time that you lie
to pull my galoshes out every now and again
he lies and she lies, we all seem to need to lie
since your short lived sunshine I can’t defend
They all miss, they all have missed, I’m sorry
but I only seem to remember when
my feet squish the mud that the rude rain sends……..




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