Trouble fond

I’ve fucked you.
And so that there is no confusion about my intentions
I do want you, you know that.
I’ve choked you.
If I could, I’d keep you in a shoe box in my closet but I’m not delusional.
I’ve sucked you.
I know that want doesn’t ever equal get…nor should it.
I’ve torn teeth marks into your flesh.
And anyway, if I recall correctly, you basically told me to fuck off so that my feelings don’t get hurt like I’m ten years old and have no clue that you’re just a young dirty lunatic.
I’ve put a cigarette out on your ankle.
So leaving you alone is effectively what I’m doing now, sir.
I’ve tied you to the bed, spread eagle.
‘Cause neither of us have a heart for the other one to break, so we say.
I’ve thrown a drink in your face.
So why you even bother to keep talking to me only your nutty ass knows.
I’ve dragged you across the room by your hair.
You should do what you told me to do and move the fuck on, for your sake and not mine… right?
I’ve scratched open your chest.
If you’re not rocking with me, oh well, who cares? In the meantime I am going to go live.
I’ve drilled you with dildos and other objects like my fingers for hours.
I’ve lived long before I met you and I will live long after you’ve gone to do whatever pretty boys do.
I’m willing to give you what you ask for, easy.
But what I need from you, you never give, I must take from you.
I’ve pushed you into a wall.
I’ve taken photos of you restrained and sleeping,
I’ve paddled you.
I’ve dressed you in black leather corsets and lace panties like the slut that you are.
…Yet you’re texting me after you ended this… I’ve whipped you, blindfolded you, slapped you-
Yet you’re messaging me after you’ve claimed to be done with me… I’ve poured hot wax all over you and left hickies where everyone could see….
How can you not tell that I love you to death literally?
The same way that I can pretend that I don’t fucking care anymore, that’s how.
And all I’ve learned from this is fantasy come to life is magic is real but
I know that want doesn’t ever equal get…nor should it.

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