I feel like potassium chlorate and red phosphorus.
So leave me, please…
Because all I want is to choke you to death
You keep feeding my ego propellants
This love is too dangerous
So leave me, please…
Yes, I will always pine for your blood
Always wanting more than you’re willing to give
Always craving one more night of your moans
Always dreaming of one more bite filled kiss
I feel like ethylenedinitramine.
Your throat is the only thing worth grasping
You’re destroying me
Constantly exploding inside me
for longer and forever in my memory
So leave me, please…
Anyone you end up with will have earned my jealousy
No cute euphemism for this killing
You like it when I become a fiend
I feel like hydrazoic acid.
So leave me, please…
Leave me alone.
Let me go be….
With someone dedicated, and loyal and boring and sweet.
Stop terrorizing the fucking normal out of me.
I feel like mercury.




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