Last seat on the train

I’ve been so bent before and so broken
I’m not perfect and you know it.
I’ve been so hurt before and so lonesome
you’re not perfect and who would want that…
You’ve heard me yell, had me shut you out
yet you return even when the fault is not your own
you’ve cleaned my sick up, fixed my fuck ups
and ask for nothing in return
I don’t know why water exists
You sing my praises when I don’t deserve it
You let me stray away when love is too hard
You forgive me when I come on too strong or when I don’t come at all
I can’t understand any of these things
I don’t know why we exist
I’ve been misled before and taken advantage of
but you would give your last penny to me and all of your heart
so the only thing I do know is this
You’ve made everything that the others say unthinkable
The sun does rise and set on my ass, like I think it does…
So only someone who agrees deserves my love.

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