I’m behaving dangerously and irresponsibly
according to rational thinking
There’s no perfect ending
to this fantasy for me
I know the rules
Vampires can’t come in
If I stop letting you win
Prevent you the chance to feed
Reciprocity in reality
wouldn’t be as incapacitating
As death will eventually be
all you do is devour me
causing masochistic tendencies
And I behave dangerously and irresponsibly
igniting the chemicals I’m feeling
It’s impossible to dress in sanity
If I keep on giving in
Letting you win
Yet I am aware there is no perfect end
A ghoul can make up
regardless of what hell is thinking by introducing us
This isn’t real love
according to rational thinking
This isn’t real love
regardless of what our fragile bodies are feeling
There is no perfect ending….





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