When Villains Break Up

Dear Monster,

I hate it when I’m unclear or at least when I am misunderstood.
And I don’t want that between us.
I can’t be succinct but let me explain why I must go, so you know…
I gladly fantasize about you all of the time. Rarely do I think of anything else. But you are a distraction, an aberration, a filthy film causing my glasses to appear rose colored; you make me careless and needy.
I must go, so you know…
As entertaining as it would be to constantly drain you at my whim and for my pleasure the satisfaction is more fleeting than a sugary substance is, so I’m no longer going to do it.
Because I am not the one running the show monster, you are.
Your submissiveness is real power and I am a slave to your pleading…
You’re one of those people who will always roam around in the back of my mind, aimless and reckless, making important memories fade into nothingness, I accept that. However the only way for me to exert any control over you is to not give in to you.
I will never give in, never.
Because if I did, If I let you seduce me, neither one of us would ever be free again.
I must go, so you know…
You did what you said that you would do when I met you, Monster, you said that you would give me mental memory ammunition to keep me firing full throttle outside of your presence for a lifetime.
Much obliged sir, thank you for being a man of your word.
I will only ever tease you, monster.
Thinking of you in my arms, feeling your breath on my face, listening to you moan for me to start and to stop is more addictive than anything else I’ve consumed or done.
I will always be obsessed with you and trying to turn your filthy dust accumulating in my psyche into reality will ruin what it actually is.
A dance of devils.
I must go….
A hopeless parade of lustful thoughts and selfish actions.
I will never give in, never.
Just so you know…
We will meet again in this life or the next, I can promise this to you only and nothing else and when we do I will stand on your neck as you wish, in nothing else but red leather stilettos.
Let me be clear and understood.
I love you, monster.
And to prove it, I am going to walk away from you so that we both can relish the pain of each other’s absence, forever…


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