Almost never were

All mistakes or none
I remember when you were the one
Mr. Black, Mr. Rewind….
Mr. Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind
After dark just for fun
We play like our love hasn’t set like the sun
I’m the easy circle back
Mr. Green, Mr. Black
The cult of my love affairs
notoriously revolve circular air
Mr. Can’t Wait who always leaves
But returns regularly
All mistakes, or none
Mr. Green, Mr. Always Runs
Who is caught in the web, them or me?
Which one of us is recycling?
We loved once so we love now forever
In early hours or snowy weather
Mr. He Tried It, Mr. Green
Stays away but inconsistently
And every blue moon I see Mr. Black
Finger prints frozen like codes down my back
Mr. It’s Not Serious is not new
He knows exactly what to do
And when to pull my marionette string
And I give in to a person I stopped seeing
All mistakes or none
So much practiced love
Mr. I Want Her When I Can’t Have Her always falls through
Since it never gets really good until I hate him too…


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