Don’t need a deluxe suite in the Maldives
Or a country home with rows of deciduous trees
I don’t need a diamond brooch or sapphire ring
Although I won’t turn down either of those things
So I’m sure that if I don’t have bucks in the bank
I probably don’t need premium fuel in my tank
I know what I need, I promise I do
And it tastes exactly like you used to
I only need you, I only want you
I can’t escape it, no matter what I do
Stop making me look like a hopeless fool
I just need you, I just need you
I don’t need a promise or your last name
Let me win one of your many mind games
Tell me you feel me, lie if you must
Make me believe its more than mere lust
If I can’t have what I want every day
Then send costly accommodations my way
Because anything less than you is a ruse
And second place is impossible to choose
I don’t need all expenses paid
Or a spot behind the VIP rope in LA
Trophies and labels just make people weak
And you’re the only award that I seek
I know what I need say you need me too
If I could have anything I’d want nothing but you…




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