Keyboard Therapy

Short term sunshine slain
Staring out the window at remnants of rain
Tasting the opposite of the quiet side of plain
He may never come again the wind sang
Knowing through experience teetering insane
Wishing revisits with nothing new to gain
The darkness of evening moments shades the pain
He may never come again the wind sang
Pellucid emotional stages slide over night’s refrain
Recollecting empty memories that lust can’t contain
Watching raindrops die on the glass that remains
Accepting that his shadow can’t escape your brain…







My pulse doesn’t lie
My quiver is the truth
My unexpected smile
Is always the proof

A Man, Not just any
But a real one, Mr. Good and Plenty
Mr. I Won’t leave you, not if he has breath
Mr. I Can take whatever burden you lay on my chest

My mouth moves no
But that’s just my pride
My ocean flows yes
And will not subside

A man, a good one, is rare
Even if you refuse to acknowledge what is there
Mr. You’re my everything, Mr. You’re my life
Mr. I am nothing until you’re my wife



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