Never lie to Otoño

I feel it, lo siento… please forgive
con permiso… my ungrateful glib…
You are my shielding autumnal cage…
and he is my equinox of canicular rage …
I’m in longing; a cousin of love
nights and days so short that they hug
marks on the bridge of my nose from tight glasses
I’m old enough to know that each season passes
You wrap your arms around me and I am safe
but also enslaved from the sun that I crave
Lo siento, I feel it… perdoname…
I wish your harvest air would make his heat fade
Yet I’m missing summer like a child will
I can taste his salty sea kisses still
You are the one that I know that I need
You are the warmth under cascading leaves
but he is totalmente verano a mi…
passionate fire of 100 degrees
I feel it, lo siento… let me explain
I never meant to cause either of you any pain
Mahogany is beautiful lasting and true
Barring a girl’s love of dog day fireworks unused….


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