At night, a pillow warms the spot where I wish you could be
And every morning, I wake up to his lovely songs dedicated to me
You’re imaginary and he’s real
How am I supposed to feel
When he’s willing to give it all
And you are too green to seal the deal?
On my way to work you’re the only thing that’s ever on my mind
But when my heart is hurting, he takes time to listen to every whine
You’re a plaything and he’s not
How can I deny what I’ve got
With someone who shows me he can be true
When you aren’t sure what life has handed you?
I see you for an hour and fantasize about your face for days
But whatever he has is mine including his soul in every way
You’re sexy but he’s a man
How could I choose fun over a plan
With someone who loves me for the long haul
And you don’t see me as an option at all?
When I get the chance to touch you its the first choice that I always make
Until he calls and says he loves me then a real chance I have to take
You’re the dream I have every evening
He’s the sun when I’m awake
How could I just choose your copulation
When a life long love of my own is at stake?


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