The one about the young man from Cleveland

I was frantic, a little spastic, yet unabashed
Feeling plastic wanting something drastic, I met yo ass
And you was willing, you was willing, yes you was
And I was feeling you, I was feeling something, trust
Sixth of a minute and I knew you could get it, even hit it
I knew you wanted to since I wanted you, so down with it
No problem with you coming to converse about some shit
Where you been and how you living and who you fucking with
And your lips look like sofa cushions
And your hair curls up with no gel in it
And everything about you is just as pretty as him
But you’re broader and thicker and smooth and fit
And for a half a millisecond I was distracted enough for real
I couldn’t resist it, you had to give it, you didn’t break the deal
And thank you sweet stranger for that sudden sugar laden repast
where I closed my eyes and the cries weren’t just because I missed his ass…


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